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 The Start

 I wanted to start a totally free Online Bible College back in 2016, so I designed a website for it, but didn’t upload materials to it. But recently now in the month of September,2022, I had these burst of Ideas on my mind (maybe the Lord put it on my mind) and after verifying with many online and offline Bible Colleges syllabi, I wanted to start this Advanced Diplomas(waiting till accreditation for 100% Degree conversion) in Biblical Studies which teach the Bible alone, nothing else and also the advanced degrees in Theology which would cover many vast theological teachings and terms.

Accredited or Not?

Our Diplomas(waiting till accreditation for 100% degree conversion) are currently not accredited since we’ve only just started, but remember many Theological Colleges are operating without government accredited degrees, many are accredited by theological accreditation institutions, and many are unaccredited like us, but many Accredited Theological Institutions even accept degrees from unaccredited institutions for higher studies. We’re planning to apply for accreditation sooner. But There’s no doubt that our advanced courses will improve your scriptural and theological knowledge.

For example, even in accredited institutions, if you check their programs, you’ll see limited no of books from the scripture are only taught, and in our advanced theology Diploma(waiting till accreditation for 100% degree conversion) program(not advanced biblical studies program), we cover more and advanced theological branches and terms.

One Final Exam before Graduation

All Students are required to take one final and last exam, assessing the overall knowledge you attained, before graduating with a  Diploma Certificate. This is only because, everything is done by online. But do not worry, the final test will not be a tough one.

Optional Subjects

We provide many optional subjects to equate with standard Theological Degrees, and if you do them, that’ll reflect in your Diploma(waiting till accreditation for 100% degree conversion) Transcript as extra credits! This will widen the opportunity of higher studies in other Theological Institutions.

Fast Track Degree Option

It is possible to complete your program within any time if you have prior bible knowledge without knowledge about theological terms and branches.

If you don’t have a High School or Higher Secondary School Education, it is also Possible to do the Diploma in  Advanced Biblical Studies/Theological Studies first and then  do your bachelor Degree.

Need a Teacher

Dan Bergeron


Forensic team earns several


Forensic team earns several